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Website Redesign
If YOUR website is just "sitting" there (even if it an attractive and comprehensive website), it can be re-engineered to be more effective.... COMPLETE the form below for a FREE "dot-com diagnostic". We also offer a comprehensive diagnostic service for a minimal fee that you can apply to your website through your current webmaster or web service.

Website Design with Strategies in Mind
Before we engineer your website, we design it with consideration to all possible website strategies applicable to YOUR business.

  • Marketing: helps you attract amd interest new customers 
  • Conversion: motivates your contacts to take action that will converthem into customers.
  • Customer Service: helps you retain your existing customers 
  • eCommerce: allows you to sell products or services 24/7 (when your office might be closed) 
  • eBusiness: provides capability to do part of your business on-line, such as information gathering, which saves you time and provides a convenience to your customers 
  • Internal Support: makes it easier for your staff to communicate with customers and each other and/or track orders on-line 

If done with this in mind, your website will:
  • Make you Money: Your website should create a new influx of customers that is active 24/7. This can be actual dollars when the eCommerce function is activated or a virtual "leads list" when a registration form or newsletter are implemented. Bottom line is your extend your marketing effort many-fold by being on the World Wide Web!
  • Save you Time: Your website should be doing things that you might be doing yourself. Instead of faxing or mailing a form or spec sheet, have it downloadable from your website, instead of answering their questions on the phone, have them refer to your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page; instead of spending 10-15 minutes of your first meeting asking the same questions you ask all potential client, have them fill our your on-line form before your meeting...
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