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The "BIG BANG" Theory of Marketing
The Universe is full of potential customers but it is a BIG Galaxy out there
and it can seem daunting to effectively reach your target market with a finite amount of marketing resources amidst all your competition...

XLeration Services specializes in marketing that will get you the MOST BANG for your Marketing Buck. Call it our "BIG BANG" theory. We provide the following services:

  • EVALUATION: Determine the amount of Internet traffic that is actively lookiing for your product or resources. We take the guesswork out of potential

  • DOING THE MATH: We will pinpoint the amount of anticipated business from an Internet marketing campaign. The numbers will determine a "GO" or "NO GO" for an Internet campaign.

  • TURNING CLICKS INTO CUSTOMERS: Traffic without conversion doesn't do you ANY good. We work our M.A.G.I.C. Marketing formula on your website or on our exclusive "Marketing in a Nutshell" program to get a phenomenal conversion ratio.



What makes us unique is that we maintain a BUSINESS perspective throughout this process. Website development is not a technical process, it is a BUSINESS process. So if it doesn't make sense for YOUR business, it doesn't make sense to do (and we will tell you this). We pride ourselves into transforming business needs into website solutions and we start the process with our strategy session before we even begin to talk about what your website will look like. We need to determine what it show DO!

So if you want a website that works to build your business, CONTACT US today for your FREE Dot Com Diagnostic.